We are

A creative communications agency.

A bunch of clever, sparky people. And what brings us together is our passion for building brands in today's connected world.

We exist to search for new, better solutions to our clients problems.
We create value by being quick to learn, adapt and improve.

We are agile.
We are innovative.
We are evidence and metrics driven.

We do our work in the space where brands, social behaviours and divergent media technologies intersect, creating new, better ways to communicate and help brands to innovate and grow.

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story builders

Creating stories people want to be part of

Great stories have power, they make emotional connections, they affect our behaviours and how we see the world.

When a brand builds a story that people can participate with and locate themselves within, then the opportunity to influence behaviours and attitudes becomes even more powerful.

We use insight, creativity and a continuous cycle of making, evaluating and learning to find and build the stories that will resonate with your customers.

Because when people connect with your brand story - they will want to tell other people about it.


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for the
connected world

Where connectedness is the defining
cultural idea of the 21st century.

It's a basic human need to feel part of something bigger – and today we're wired up emotionally and technologically to more than ever before.

Yet most of our communication is still with the few people and brands that are closest to us. The ones we trust.

It's through this understanding that we've built our philosophy and way of working:

Find and build a compelling story, create experiences that bond and connect the people who care.

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Level 1,
116-122 Chapel St
Windsor Vic 3181

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Level 2,
44 Mountain St
Ultimo NSW 2007

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Here at Sputnik we're always tapping away at something


Sputnik Agency Fact Sheet

Sputnik Agency are a creative communications agency.

A bunch of clever, sparky people. And what brings us together is our passion for building brands in today's connected world.

We exist to search for new, better solutions to our clients' problems. We create value by being quick to learn, adapt and improve.

Areas of Expertise

  • Insights & Strategy

    Finding the truths and insight from the customer, the brand and the culture in order to create work that is entertaining, valuable, shareable and, most importantly, work that is relevant to people and effective in your marketplace.

  • Creative

    We embrace all media and their possibilities in order to develop the creative ideas that drive your business.

  • Production

    We draw on our diverse set of content, design, entrepreneurial and technical skills to produce for all media types and channels, including TV, print, web, social and mobile.

  • Customer Journey

    The internet and mobile have created so many more touch points that buyer journeys are no longer linear and can resolve in a matter of minutes. Specific connection planning means we find which touch points are the most influential for your customer.

  • Analytics & Reporting

    Data not only measures success, but also provides insights to inform strategy. We are evidence and metrics driven, we track, analyse and report everything, so that we can assign an ROI to and validated learning to every activity.

Our Numbers

We recently celebrated our 10th birthday. Though in many ways we have to think like a start-up, as so much has changed, and continues to change, in the world of advertising and marketing in those ten years.

Selected Clients

Success is a team sport. We work closely with all our clients to build relationships where knowledge and ideas are shared openly to achieve results that everyone can be proud of.

Further questions?

  • Are you a digital agency or an advertising agency?

    Digital, social media, new-media, integrated – they're all just ways the world works now, the way we connect.

    We would prefer to say we're a creative communications agency that's fully plugged in to today's world.

    If that sounds a bit fluffy we don't mind, by not limiting the way we think, we're not limiting the results we can achieve for you.

  • So, what do you specialise in?

    We're not a fan of takeaway menu style service offerings and off the shelf solutions - new technologies, platforms and ways to connect pop-up everyday. To the people we want to connect with it's all just 'stuff' - stuff that's part of their everyday connected lives.

    What we specialise in is intimately understanding this 'stuff', the ways in which people use it, and how to engage people in exciting new creative ways.

  • Why Sputnik?

    Some agencies like to say it's because they are the biggest, the oldest, the newest. At the end of the day it's the people who are working on your brand that matter. With a managing director who's ex-brand director of Nike, a Creative director with 20 years digital experience, a client services director who's also a director of Choice and an Innovation director who's a veritable godfather of social media - we think you're in pretty safe hands.

  • Can I see more of what you've done?

    There's a taster of some of our favourite work we've done for some of Australia's biggest and best-loved brands in the 'story building' section.

    Alternatively take a look at our blog for our latest news and an insight into some of our thinking.

    But enough about us, get in touch - we'd love the opportunity to chat about you.



Level 1
116-118 Chapel St
Windsor VIC 3181

P 03 9692 6333
F 03 9692 6300


Level 2
44 Mountain St
Ultimo NSW 2007

P 02 8204 3800